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Ways You Can Support Our Cause

Together we can make a difference.

Let It Out understands the immense challenges that individuals face when seeking timely and affordable professional counselling. Many people simply cannot afford it or are confronted with excessively long waiting lists, which often means that help arrives too late.

To tackle this issue, we firmly believe in bringing professional counsellors into the community and utilising safe and confidential group therapy to reach as many people as possible. Our goal is to minimise costs while still providing valuable support. Instead of the usual price range of £50-100+ for a private individual 1-hour session, we offer sessions at the reduced rate of £16.25 per hour. This means that a complete 8-week, 16-hour counselling course is priced at £260.

However, we understand that even with this reduced cost, some individuals may not be able to afford it. That is why we shamelessly seek your help and offer three ways for you to contribute and make an even greater impact. These options are:

1. Make a donation

2. Sponsor a Place

3. Support Mental Health in Your Workforce.

Further information on each of these options, including how to get involved, is below...

Get in Touch

1. Make a Donation

100% of all donations are put towards course places for individuals and are hugely appreciated. You can remain anonymous should you wish, or we will include your name on our website as a key contributor of change in our community.  Every donation you make, aside from being hugely appreciated by Let It Out, can make such a difference to someone's life.

To make a donation, of any amount, please get in touch. We are working on being able to take donations directly online, but in the meantime if you send us an email, or form submission above, we will come back to you with PayPal or bank details, which ever you prefer. Thank you so much in advance. 

2. Sponsor a Place 

Similar to buying an extra coffee in a coffee shop for that person who may need it later, we are asking businesses, or individuals, if they could sponsor a place on our courses.
One course places costs £260, and your organisation can directly help support your community - your contribution can make a very real and significant impact on somebody's life.
In recognition of your generosity, aside from being eternally grateful, we will:
  • Add your name, logo and a link to your business on our website and associated social networks.

  • Provide a personalised Let It Out Supporter badge for use as you see fit to show you are actively supporting the welfare of your community.

  • Send updates and anonymised feedback from the individual(s) your contribution has helped. 

If this sounds like something you, or your business, would be interested in please get in touch using the form above, or via our contact page.

3. Support Your Workforce

Bringing accessible mental health support to the workplace can yield profound benefits for both employees and the overall work environment. With this in mind, Let It Out are offering businesses the opportunity to purchase a number of places across our course network.

By addressing mental health needs in-house, organisations can create a supportive culture that not only enhances employee well-being but also improves overall productivity. The provision of confidential group therapy sessions fosters a sense of community and encourages open conversations about mental health, reducing the stigma associated with seeking help. With affordable and timely access to counselling, employees can better cope with stressors, contributing to a healthier, more engaged workforce. 

When you secure your organisation's course places, we will provide you with a unique booking code for use by your employees, and all the necessary posters and materials to encourage them to look after their mental health. Your employees can then use this code to discreetly book themselves onto their preferred course. Once booked, we will work them in strict confidence removing any fear or embarrassment - we can also work to make sure no peers are in the same course if this is something they would prefer. When your course places are nearly fully used we will approach you and see if you wish to buy some more.

We work in various places around Hampshire, and are currently looking to expand to neighbouring counties - if you would like to bring us closer to you please drop us a line, we'd love to discuss it further with you. 

If any of the options above sound like something you'd be interested in, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.